Portfolio- Business Writing and Brand Journalism

Client: SpareFoot– Austin, Texas

Published Samples:

Marketing Mojo: The Power of Giveaway Items for Your Storage Facility
What do Jesus, sunflower seeds and a music festival have in common? Storage operators have used all three to promote their facilities. Several self-storage facilities have found unique ways to reach out to current and potential customers by offering unusual promotional items. These gifts surpass the ordinary logo-printed key chain or coffee mug. Read more

Self-Storage Consultant Marc Goodin: How You Can Beat Your Only Competitor-YourselfWhen it comes to achieving success in the self-storage business, Marc Goodin believes you are your only competition. In his latest book, “Crush Your Competition,” Goodin writes that fear of failure, limitation of your beliefs and reluctance to push yourself ultimately will be the reasons you fail—not the storage facility down the street. Read more

San Diego Self Storage Helps Wildfire Victims
Employees of San Diego Self Storage watched as wildfires whipped through the region this month. But they did more than watch—they extended a helping hand. On May 16, three days after the fires started, San Diego Self Storage offered one month of free storage to fire victims, both people and businesses. The company operates 18 facilities in the San Diego area. Read more

North Carolina business turns profit by reselling items sold at storage auctions
Brian and Michelle Russell reinvented their careers by opening a small business in North Carolina, Russell’s Unique Deals, that resells household items picked up from bidding on units at storage auctions. Both Brian and Michelle lost their jobs in December 2012. Brian, 42, had worked in NASCAR for 25 years. Michelle, 38, had been a preschool teacher for eight years. “I never truly imagined owning a small business, especially of this nature,” Brian said. Read more

Contractor: paper blossom marketing – Charlotte, NC

Client: Carolina’s Natural Health Center – Charlotte, NC

Published Samples:

Conventional Medicine: Not Always
According to a recent report titled, “Death by Medicine”, “A definitive review of peer-reviewed journals and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently does more harm than good.” Here’s the truth: 783,936 people die in the U.S. every year because of conventional medicine. This number surpasses deaths attributed to cancer (553,251/year) and heart disease (699,697). The Census Bureau reports that around 38,000 people die from car crashes in the U.S. every year. Now think about how often you hear about someone lobbying or raising money for awareness towards cancer, heart disease, and car safety. BUT what about conventional medicine? Read more

Obesity Linked to Breast Cancer in Women
According to the Endocrine Society, women who are overweight or obese from the age of 18 years old or later have an increased risk of getting estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer. This is due to the fact that women who weigh more tend to carry higher levels of estrogen. This is one more reason that women should consider maintaining a normal weight as a health priority. Read more

Osteoporosis and Cancer
A recent study posted online by the British Medical Journal and interpreted by the Los Angeles Times proves that more calcium is not always the answer to preventing osteoporosis. Read more

Chronic Stress and Your Health
Chronic stress changes the way your brain handles it. Think back to prehistoric times when cave men and women were facing real danger like ferocious animals trying to make meals out of them. The brain was created to deal with fight or flight moments such as this but not the everyday anxieties related to relationships, work, schedules, etc… Read more

The Awesome Power of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Research study in Health Day reports that Omega-3 fatty acids, along with blood thinning medications will help prevent the formation of future clots in heart disease patients even after the implantation of stents. According to the study, patients who received a dosage of 1,000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per day had improved clot properties, including less production of the clot forming thrombin and decreased clot formation. Read more

Much Ado About Food Allergies
According to a study reviewed in Pediatrics and funded by an allergy advocacy group, Food Allergy Initiative, one in every thirteen children will be diagnosed with a food allergy. With these numbers rising, it’s time to take a step back and review the basics to determine where this all began, how to approach food allergies now, and how to prevent (or heal from) food allergies in the future. Read more

Contractor: paper blossom marketing – Charlotte, NC

Client: NAVMAK Enterprises, LLC – Waxhaw, NC

Published Samples:

Subdivision in the Spotlight: The Palisades, Riverpointe, and The Sanctuary
If you’re a nature lover or if you love to play outdoor sports, then you should really consider living in the northern part of Lake Wylie. Some of my favorite subdivisions in this area are The Palisades, Riverpointe and The Sanctuary. Read more

Subdivision in the Spotlight: Baxter Village
Nestled next to I-77 and Hwy 160 in Fort Mill lies Baxter Village, it reminds me of an early twentieth century New England township with a little southern flair and all the modern amenities you can imagine. You are greeted by Starbucks , with drive thru, as soon as you enter the community. There are numerous restaurants and bars including, Cloud Nine Martini and Tapas Bar and Beef ‘O Brady’s Family Sports Restaurant and Pub. If you prefer to do you’re entertaining at home, head over to Chocolat Boutique for some handcrafted truffles and the grapevine for a special bottle of wine. Read more

Subdivision in the Spotlight: Tega Cay
If you love to play golf or love to be on the water, then Tega Cay is the place for you. Only ten minutes drive from Charlotte’s Steele Creek area and bordering Fort Mill, South Carolina, you will feel like you’re living in paradise, but still close enough to get to work without dealing with a long commute. You cannot visit Tega Cay without viewing Tega Cay Golf Club. With 27 holes of championship golf, club house and restaurant, golf and tennis shop, 4 tennis courts, men’s and women’s locker rooms, and the Glennon Community Center, it guarantees to deliver satisfaction to every member of your family. Read more

Why Choose to Live in South Carolina?
Coming from a South Carolinian, born and raised, I don’t see why you would choose to live anywhere other than this beautiful state! We’ve got the mountains and the beaches and a lot of beautiful green landscapes in between, all within three hours drive. And don’t forget the smiling faces: Yes, The motto is “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places” for a reason! Read more

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