ER Plumbing

paper blossom marketing – Charlotte, NC

ER Plumbing – Charlotte, NC

Why Go Tank-less?
Many people are going tank-less and are happy to report that they’ll never return to their traditional roots. It’s greener, more efficient, better for multitasking, and you’ll save money in the long run. Why haven’t you kicked the habit yet? Read more

Water at Its Purest
Imagine placing a glass under the tap in your kitchen sink, filling it with water, and drinking it; no extra knobs to turn for filtration, just plain water at its purest for your drinking pleasure. That’s exactly what you want when you get thirsty, isn’t it? Read more

Signs of a Leaky Pipe
When leaky pipes turn into damaged dry wall and mildew, it’s already too late. Your problem has gone from just plumbing to remodeling. Before a crack in your pipes cracks you up, read through the simple questions below, memorize them, or save them for future reference. Your wallet and sanity, for that matter, will thank you for it! Read more

Drain Cleaning S(t)inks
Most people never really consider the life of their pipes or how much this integral household system caters to your civilized lifestyle. That is until something goes wrong. We panic; we pull the cob webs off the plunger; and we poke it aimless in the direction of the problem. Honestly, most of us are clueless. But you don’t have to be. Let’s focus on the basics. Read more

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