Local children’s author debuts her first picture book

The Charlotte Observer
Cabarrus News
October 2012

DonnaEarnhardtEven though Donna Earnhardt has always wanted to be a writer, her oldest daughter led her to her calling as a children’s author when she began making up stories for her when she was a young girl.

Earnhardt, a 39-year-old Concord resident said, “The joy of bringing imagination to life in my child’s eyes made me realize that this is exactly what I wanted to do.”

In 2002, Earnhardt said she began submitting poems and short stories to children’s magazines. She published in WeeOnes Magazine and Highlights for Children; her last to publish being a Thanksgiving poem called “Giving Thanks” that published in Highlights for Children in 2009.

She stopped submitting to magazines in 2009 to concentrate on writing children’s books.

Now, she celebrates the debut of her first children’s picture book, “Being Frank,” which was published on October 01, 2012 through Flashlight Press, operating in New York City, N.Y.

This educational yet comical children’s book, written elementary-aged children, is about a school-aged boy named Frank who is too honest. He is frankly Frank and his overly honest approach causes animosity between him and his family and friends. With a little help from Grandpa Ernest, Frank learns that you can still be honest while focusing on the positive-side of honesty versus being brutally honest.


The last line in the book says it all.

“Well Grandpa, I still think honesty is the best policy,” said Frank, “but now I know it’s best served with more sugar…and less pepper!”

Earnhardt dedicated “Being Frank” to her “sweet family of ‘Franks’” with good reason, because she said that, in hindsight, the book came from a lot of personal experiences.

In one part of the book, Frank tells the police officer that his mom knew that she was speeding, because he’d just told her right before they were pulled over. This reminds Earnhardt of the many occasions when her three daughters—now 15, 10 and 8 years old— repeated things in public that she said should’ve never been spoken out loud again.

There’s also another part where Frank said to his mom, “You wouldn’t get so many wrinkles if you didn’t glare at me like that….”

Earnhardt said this line is something that her husband, 41-year-old Senior Network Administrator Sean Earnhardt, has often jokingly said to her.

Frank is also named after her father, Frank Donald Welch—who passed away in January 2003—as way of celebrating his life, as well as his sweet, good-natured and honest attitude.

Earnhardt had her launch party at Park Road Books, located on Park Road in South Charlotte, on September 22, 2012 selling approximately 50 advanced copies of her book to 25-30 people in attendance.

Her next local signings are at the Literary Bookpost in Salisbury, NC on Saturday, October 27th and at Main Street Books for Christmas in Davidson on Friday, November 30th. Earnhardt will also be reading “Being Frank” on Saturday, October 22nd at the Concord Library located on Union Street.

Earnhardt, an Appalachian State University graduate said, “The whole process is very surreal. It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time … it’s been a wonderful journey.”

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