Plumber by day, writer by night

The Charlotte Observer
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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

David Moore knows joy.

A native Charlottean and resident of Matthews’ Windrow Estates, Moore recently turned 50 and launched his career as an indie author with the debut of his second ebook, “The Collective, ” which came out last week.

Courtesy of Maxwell Cynn

Courtesy of Maxwell Cynn

Following in his father’s footsteps, Moore has been a plumber for more than 30 years.

Currently the plumbing superintendent at P.C. Jackson Plumbing in Charlotte, he’s overseeing two 10-story and one 12-story office building and three parking decks being built in Ballantyne.

Plumbing pays the bills, helps take care of his wife of 26 years and has seen both his sons through college.

But when the work day is done, Moore returns home, turns on his computer and turns into Maxwell Cynn, author and publisher of “The Collective” and “CybrGrrl,” which came out in 2008. (Moore estimates he has sold about 1,000 copies of “CybrGrrl” at $2.99 a download.)

Cynn is more than just a pseudonym; he holds the consciousness of what Moore calls his muse.

Moore says, “(Dr. Carl Gustav) Jung (the founder of Analytical Psychology) would call her my anima: that part of me that is just below the surface, that is creative and free, that knows no boundaries or responsibilities, that part of me that dreams.”

Through Cynn, Moore plunges into a world where computers and the Internet become weapons used to brainwash and kill innocent Web surfers all in the name of research and development.

As excerpt from “The Collective,” which is the work of his independent publishing company – underground press publishing:

“I’m not crazy. You have to believe that, or none of what I’m about to tell you will make sense. You have a virus on your computer. It’s tracking everything you do. If you have a microphone they can hear you. If you have a Web cam, they are watching you. It cannot be detected by any virus scan, or blocked by any firewall, they make sure of that. But it’s not only watching you. It’s communicating to you subliminally: messages from them, flashed on your screen, just beyond your conscious perception. You are being brainwashed.”

An early review from a “beta tester” contacted by Moore calls “The Collective,” a “technical and intellectual battle that had me anxiously holding on to my Kindle….” If you’re interested in purchasing “The Collective” or “CybrGrrl,” both are available on, and at

Ever since Moore’s passion for writing began, in a high school English class at Independence High School, he never stopped.

“I’ve always told my sons to find what they love, what gives them joy, and hold on to it,” said Moore. “Much of our modern angst and stress comes from societal expectations of what we should have or what we should want…. Solomon said all that striving for ‘things’ is striking at the wind…. life is in the living.”

Moore is living out his dream.

When asked what advice he has for people during this difficult economic time, where people are often forced to take jobs outside of their field of interest, Moore said: “We chose to be happy as much as we chose the clothes we wear. It is in our reaction to the world around us and the conditions in which we live that mold us into who we are. Find your joy, find what you love and the rest will take care of itself.”

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