Greetings! I’m Crystal O’Gorman, a freelance writer and editor whose passionate about social activism, community news and creating website content that meets the usability needs of clients and businesses, alike.

I’m interested in writing website and editorial content, including but not limited to feature writing, business and non-profit blogs, essays, news stories, research-driven articles, short stories and creative non-fiction.

I have experience editing website content, feature articles, columns, dissertations, court documents and educational and professional/expert “how to” books.

I’m willing to work on a single project or a multidimensional contract.

Cost varies depending on the length of the project, process, amount/depth of correlated tasks, printing/ownership, etc… All rates are negotiable and will be taken into consideration.

Willing to work with start-up companies, individuals, corporations, non-profits, small businesses, schools and universities, educational organizations and research departments.

To find out if I’m the “write” fit for you, please read more about who I am,  how I got here, and what I have to offer.

Please contact me to discuss job opportunities or network.

(Photo credited to Garin Hyde, Hydeography)

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