Greetings! I’m Crystal O’Gorman, a freelance writer and editor whose passionate about family & parenting, natural living & holistic health, spirituality & philosophy, and philanthropy & human interest stories.

I’m interested in writing website and editorial content, including but not limited to feature writing, business and non-profit blogs, essays, short stories and creative non-fiction.

I have experience editing website content, feature articles, columns, dissertations, court documents and educational books.

I’m willing to work on a single project or a multidimensional contract.

Cost varies depending on the length of the project, process, amount/depth of correlated tasks, printing/ownership, etc… All rates are negotiable and will be taken into consideration.

Willing to work with start-up companies, individuals, corporations, non-profits, small businesses, schools and universities, educational organizations and research departments.

To find out if I’m the “write” fit for you, please read more about who I am,  how I got here, and what I have to offer.

Please contact me to discuss job opportunities or network.

(Photo credited to Garin Hyde, Hydeography)

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